International Women’s Day: Five Apps for Women Who Mean Business



Celebrated on March 8 every year, International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on history; how far we’ve come, take note of existing imbalance and focus for a positive future. We’ve come a long way in business, but with only 5% of Fortune 500 companies led by women, it’s fair to say the opportunity to create further balance is there for the taking. Whether you’re on your way to leading a multinational, climbing the corporate ladder, in the throes of a startup or simply looking for ways to optimise your work / life balance, these tools will help you reach maximum efficiency in 2019. Women, start your engines.

For the wallflower

You’d never diminish others in an email so why do it to yourself? Developer of Chrome extension Just Not Sorry Tami Reiss believes women are hardwired to include words and phrases in email that undermine their authority. This simple but clever plug-in highlights words and phrases such as “I’m sorry” and “Does that make sense?” to note when we may be reducing our value and downplaying our expertise.

For productivity fans

Funny that we’ve got so many new communication tools hitting the market, yet we’re spending more time than ever in email. For anyone seeking productivity gains, this feels like the right place to start. Gmail plugin ActiveInbox seamlessly integrates into your email interface, turning your inbox into a powerful task manager. Users report they’ve reduced their time spent in email by up to 30%. By getting that kind of edge over your email, you’re truly affecting the bottom line.

For better (micro)business

As a small business, keeping track of finance can be daunting and time consuming. Meet Wave, an accounting software platform designed specifically for small business. Manage all your finances in one place: track sales and expenses, manage invoices and payments, scan receipts and generate accounting reports. Broadly compatible across devices, Wave also offers personal finance software so all your finances can be managed in one place. Boom!

For digital detox

It’s well established that spending less time on screen is good for wellbeing and overall productivity, but that’s easier said than done in today’s connected world. For those of us who can’t drop out and spend a week in a rainforest somewhere, there’s Flipd - ‘the best way to disconnect without feeling disconnected’. Like an amped up Pomodoro timer, the app’s feature - Flipd 180 - encourages you to spend at least 180 minutes of your waking day unplugged from your device.

For the image conscious

To get ahead in business you need to be memorable and, as your image is your brand, consistency is key. And what better way to remind your network of who you are than with a customized email signature from WiseStamp? Create something that reflects your personality, include your socials to increase reach and even add features that assist with lead generation. WiseStamp helps your email work that little bit harder.

Notes to Media

*The 2018 Adobe Consumer Email Survey notes we spend 3.1 hours per day managing email. This represents a 17% increase from 2016 to 2017.

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